DURKL and ORTLIEB, a German outdoor goods company, have produced a limited edition messenger bag for the Washington, D.C. based brand's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.  For over 25 years, ORTLIEB has set the standard in the field of high functional outdoor equipment.  From day one, their brand target has remained the same: individuals who actively spend their leisure time in nature should feel independent from all facts they cannot influence, in other words: from the weather.  The 30-liter DURKL messenger bag is constructed of PVC and high density Cordura making it completely impenetrable to water and dust, while allowing the bag to both float and hold water as well   A roll-top closure system, and rucksack construction further enhance the technical capabilities.  The DURKL bag features a custom U.S.A. colorway with D.C. flag 3M hits, white detailing, and an interior snap-in/snap-out organizer.   The bag is for sale now from our online shop.

if you missed the bag video we did, watch it here!